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Founder's Message

When electronic devices & electrical equipment break down, they can often be repaired. People may choose to toss out the old unit & buy a new replacement because it seems cheaper & less hassle.


Do we really need to do that?

Can’t it be repaired?

Should e-waste land in the dumpsite?

It may require a little extra effort to repair an item or have it repaired but this is good for the environment, empowers people & often saves money. So, from now on make REPAIR your first choice.

Let’s hear what the founder of Dad & Dude

Mr. Mahendran Kathiresan has to say about it.

About Dad & Dude...

“…embracing transformation”

A social entrepreneurship organisation addressing the reuse of used IT assets (laptops & Desktops).

Every Dad & Mom strive to provide a better health, wealth and education to their kids for sure. But are we leaving them a better world to live and relish those? In terms of…

  • E-waste
  • Landfills
  • Pollution

Dad, the present generation & Dude, the next generation need to work on reducing the cause of E-waste.

Dad & Dude is nothing but this generation and next generation taking care of this planet by reducing e-Waste.

Our Services

Refurbished Computers

Sale & Buyback

Refurbishment as a Service


Upgradation of Computers

For their better performance

Servicing of Computers

All Brands

Chip Level Service

Through Partners

Rental of Computers

Data Migration & Data Recovery Services

Data Recovery Lab

Giving back to Society through
Free Computer Hardware

Hands on Workshop to Kids & Students

Authorised Reseller In India
for “PC-Doctor, Inc”

For Testing Tool

What do we do?

Dad & Dude is all about bridging the gap by connecting the various stake holders in the value chain

  • Buying back used and unused IT assets (Laptops & Desktops)
    • from Corporates, Institutions and end-users with fair market value
  • Selling refurbished Laptops and Desktops
    • at an affordable price with warranty
  • Renting of used computers
  • Upgrading or servicing of computers
  • Data recovery services

What do we achieve?

Being part of this, what does one achieve?

  • By providing your used/unused IT assets for buyback
    • Landfill reduction
    • Make it affordable to benefit someone
  • By procuring the refurbished IT assets
    • Life of a used/unused IT assets gets extended
    • We are contributing to a better world
    • You are becoming a brand ambassador for an eco-friendly environment

Why Dad & Dude?​

  • We sell used computers at an affordable price with 6 months warranty
  • We provide the PC-Doctor test report for all the computers
  • All components list and health report are provided
  • We provide spare laptops to our customers as a value added service
  • All software installed are genuine

How are we different from others?

  • We deal ONLY with Branded Computers
  • 6 months warranty
  • Credibility
  • Data Integrity
  • Trust & Transparency

Carbon Footprint (Environmental Impact)?

Contact Us

Kathiresan Mahendran

Founder & Customer Happiness Officer

Dad & Dude


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